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This is where I'll be uploaded my badly grammared thoughts about WHATEVER I want. Whether that be a new project, an update to a project, some cool news I saw, or even a really cool bug I saw earlier in the day. If I wanna spread my word about something, it'll be found here.

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The server is UP NOW!!!!

Very short + final update for sploothole V1


The Development Hell Discord server is now open to the public! This marks the end of version 1 of sploothole. The server is going to be closed in the next few weeks and is going to be completely revamped. New pages, new blog, new STYLE… and maybe even include more people besides just me… ;-)

It’s been really really fun learning how to make a webpage using this page, but now I have to leave all that ugly ugly css and html behind and create even BETTER css and html for this new site.

The link to the new server is RIGHT HERE, so join up and hang out with the very very tiny amount of people who are already there!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new site coming soon!!

See you guys soon!!!!
-Sploot <3

Update (plus rough roadmap for SplootHole)

what doth I do


Hi again. Sorry for the dump on Sunday. I’m still working on getting the server and stuff up and ready for new members. It’s not going to be anything fancy, just a hangout where we can share our projects and cool sites we find. My main plan for it is to be a place of collaboration and hangout, where we can work on projects together, review code, find cool websites, and overall get to know each other a bit more. All languages welcome, but I only understand English and Dutch, so I may have some trouble communicating through other languages.

Now, with the intro out of the way, I can talk about the main topic for today.


That’s right, I’m organizing something for the first time in my life! I’m calling it a roadmap, but it’s more of a checklist than anything. I’m not assigning dates or anything, so all of these are going to be surprises (unless I say so)!!

The Major Update

Let’s start off with a big one. I am going to be redesigning the entire site, meaning that I’m possibly rewriting ALL of the CSS file. I think the site looks a little bland, and, honestly, really fucking ugly. I’m going to try and see about collaborating with a few friends who are outstanding artists and seeing if we can sketch up a few ideas. I’m not creative, nor am I an artistic person. I only make buttons and code. Graphic design is NOT my passion.

I’m still in the planning stages of this project, so check back every once and a while to see how things are going!

The Projects Tab

Yup, I’m getting rid of the projects tab and integrating it into the blog instead. Having a dedicated projects tab on your site is super super cool! What makes it cooler, though, is having actual projects to place inside of it. I only ever do big projects once every blue moon, so having a section on my site that rarely gets updated is kinda boring. Plus, it would make me feel like I have to force something out every week/month to keep things entertaining. I’m don’t like putting out mediocre slop like most people do nowadays, so I won’t force myself to.

The Third, The Final, and The Already Discussed

If you skimmed over the intro, you most likely missed the news of my discord server. It’s not up (yet), but will be in the coming week or 2. It’s a collaborative hang out server where we focus on creating anything and everything, although the main topic is centered around technology. It’s a good place to get behind the scenes updates on what I’m doing and what others are working on as well. I’ve always hated those discord servers that only focus on the owner/content creator behind it all, it’s just a way for them to get high on their own ego. So instead of having some bullshit like that, this will be celebrated as a community. I am but another person involved. I hate having a lot of attention, anyways. I just made this site for fun.

Closing words (for now)

That’s pretty much all that I’ve got on my plate for now, and, while it may not seem like a lot, I’m juggling this on top of finals projects, learning C, and life overall. Shit get’s hectic and it normally hits the fan.

I’m no good at writing my thoughts into words, just like I suck at writing endings, so we’ll end right here
(i'll make another post once the server goes up)

seeya soon
-Sploot <3

Sorry Guys

a short blog post explaining my absence


Hi guys. To start off, I wanna apologize about completely disappearing. I know I was promising site updates and blog posts in the previous weeks and I kinda just dropped off the face of the earth. I’m extremely sorry about that.

Blah blah blah.... what's the excuse?

I’ve been having in and out swings of mild to extreme depression the past few months now, and it just completely kills all motivation I have to work on something. It’s gotten so bad that it’s affected what little social life I already have. It sucks, but oh well. I can deal with it lmfao. I don’t have many irl friends (obviously, look at what I find cool and fun), so I don’t have anyone to talk about any of this to, so I just resort to the internet and web surfing to help me out with it. BAD IDEA don’t do this. If you’re struggling with something similar to this, I urge you to talk to someone, ANYONE, about it. Feelings like this can worsen very very quickly. If you don’t know anybody IRL to talk about this stuff with, hell, send me an email and we can talk about it together. My email is ‘splootbloot@proton.me’. I am horrible at talking, but I can try my best to help a fellow web surfer in need :-)

Stop getting sappy, what's next?

I’m very very sorry to the current audience of 0 people who browse this site. I didn’t mean to kill it. I was so so SO happy about this project, too. But when that shit mood hits, it hits hard. I’m not going to try and make anymore promises I can’t keep, but I will try to continue this project of mine in the coming months. I’m currently learning C right now using “Ol’ Reliable” (The C programming language 2nd edition), so expect a few projects and posts about learning C. I’m also going to open up a discord server soon, as well. I was going to run an IRC server, but due to it not being as accessible as it once was, I settled on discord. Expect that to come out in the following weeks. I’ll be adding a few more buttons as well. Definitely a Gentoo Linux button (I am typing this out on a Gentoo Linux Thinkpad T470p :-]), and maybe a few more custom buttons, it just depends.


I may also work on generalizing the site a bit more, too. I feel as if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I should maybe get rid of my projects tab, it just makes me feel like I need to constantly be creating something new. That would just create more strain on top of how I’m already currently feeling. I could just incorporate it into my blog page. I’m also going to start creating categories for my posts aswell. I’ll categorize them into a list of buttons, similar to my projects test button, and have them lead to a page of links that pertain to said categories. It’s going to be hard work (for me), but it gives me something to do.

Again, I’m extremely sorry for abandoning the site for so so long. I won’t break anymore promises. I’m going to start working on the discord server and try and have it out soon for you guys. I wanna collaborate with other people who share an interest this dumb hobby I like, see if we could create something big. Or maybe just dick around and make funny little small stuff. We’ll see sooner or later.

That’s all I have to say. Sorry for the rant, lol.

-Sploot <3

Weekly Entry #2


Hi friends! I know the site hasn't seen any development for a about a week, and I swear that I have a perfectly fine excuse. First off, I've been accepted into college! The past week or so has been extremely busy for me in terms of visits, applications, and cobbling together financial aide support. Yesterday morning, I received the email and I could barely contain my joy. There's been that, plus multiple huge projects I've been juggling, both school related and personal. I was also finally prescribed with anxiety meds recently too, so that's good.

Nobody cares, what's happenin with the site?

To be honest, I wouldn't expect any development for the next couple of days. I'm extremely tired and I'm barely getting a break from any of it, so this page isn't in my highest priorities. Sorry about that. In my downtime, however, I've started to learn the C programming language, so expect a learning repository to open up sometime soon with constant updates!

Can you spare some details on the projects?

Nope! The only thing I can even remotely talk about right now is how I finally got Gentoo Linux installed on a project laptop, which is fun. Gentoo isn't as hard as some people say it is, it's just tedious. Other than that, I can't say anything else.

And that's pretty much all I've got to say this week! Thank you guys for sticking around for this long! Expect more updates in the following months!!

Thanks for reading!
-Sploot <3

Hello :-)


Hi! My name is sploot (I’m sure you’ve gathered that much), and welcome to my very stupid very dumb and very poorly formatted blog page! I’m going to keep this first post short and sweet so I can continue working on formatting. This is going to be a place where I dump all my random thoughts, ideas, site updates, and whatever other gunk that slunches it’s way out of my brain.

What am I currently working on?

Right now, I’m trying to put together my Links page, which will be a page consisting of all of my favorite websites, gopher holes, and other information rabbit holes. I’m still compiling a starting list, so it’ll be up once I get that list together and get the page formatted.

I’m also working on the Projects page and trying to make it look presentable. I’m not really working on any major project currently (besides this website), so expect it to be barren until the holiday season rolls around, which is when my brain decides to kick in and begin work on something meaningful. Once I receive a proper mount for my telescope, expect an ever-lasting AstroPhotography project to go up, where I’ll be uploading (who would have guessed) pictures I’ve taken of space. I’ll be using this project as a personal guide to help me improve capturing picures.

Other than all that, be on the lookout for small site updates and more blog posts! I’ll see if I can do a post at least once every week (don’t quote me on that) and fill you guys in on how work is going!

Thanks for reading! Ciao!
-Sploot <3